Gac Contribution Agreement

You should also inform us if you are aware of a breach of terms and conditions under the financing agreement or any changes to information identifying your business, for example.B.: The National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) manages your funding agreement. NRC IRAP is also responsible for processing receivables and issuing payments. Please ask all questions about claims and reports to NRC IRAP (NRC). Global Affairs Canada will ask if their project has been approved. Once the notification is notified, NRC IRAP companies must return a signed financing agreement within 20 business days. If they do not, they will lose their funding and will not be reimbursed for their activities. If you do not identify existing relationships and affiliations, CanExport SME may terminate the grant or contribution agreement or take other steps. These include relationships and relationships between the recipient and their advisors. “Ultimate Recipient” – the person or organization that has signed a sub-convention and receives a portion of the contribution to carry out a sub-project under the agreement. The first requirement is to develop, publicize and enforce a code of conduct for all staff of the organization (voluntary or paid) that explicitly prohibits sexual exploitation and abuse before obtaining funding or no later than six months after the signing of a contribution agreement. This requirement is specified in the terms and conditions of the contribution agreements, section 22.6 “Sexual Behaviour.” To be eligible, the proposed activities and expenses must be made between the date of arrival and the target date of the project, which is defined in your funding agreement.

All expenses and activities outside the project phase are non-refundable. Conversely, CARSAT can also make an additional contribution to take into account the exceptional risks arising from a violation of hygiene and safety rules or the non-compliance with the preventive measures it imposes on the company. Expanding to a target market outside of your approved project is a significant change from the original agreement. Therefore, it is not eligible for a change. To access a new target market, you must close your active project and reapply. The fact that the institution has benefited for one or more months from a deferral of social security contributions and contributions as part of emergency measures to combat the COVID 19 epidemic does not prevent the granting of a rebate or advance. To receive a discount or advance, the institution must be up to date with its contributions. She has had to pay them regularly over the past 12 months. For multi-year projects, the program makes payments in accordance with the annual allocation of your contract.

“sub-convention” – the agreement signed between the organization and a final beneficiary or local partner. The decree also provides that the target agreements reached between 12 March 2020 and up to one month after the end of the health emergency (i.e.

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