Gentlemen`s Agreement Powerlifting

“Eleiko has been an important partner for many years and the new agreement with World Para Powerlifting will have a significant impact on the development of the sport around the world,” said David Tao, Managing Director and Co-Founder of BarBend. Here are the first impressions of the new official training company 💪😍 You can gladly follow us on @championsgym.innsbruck on instagram for more updates of our sports life 📲📸 #powerlifting “World Para Powerlifting and Eleiko have a very strong partnership. We are very pleased to announce the new agreement and look forward to working together in the next five-year cycle,” said Jorge Moreno, Director of World Para Powerlifting. The agreement is called “strengthening the world” and provides for the IMF and world Para Powerlifting to cooperate in three areas, or, as the press release states, “attempts.” Test 1 is competition, trial 2 is education, and test three will focus on anti-doping strategies. This is an extension of the previous contract signed in 2014 with the global manufacturer of facelift equipment, and eleiko will increase its support to the local organizing committees of the para-Powerlifting World Championships. Eleiko will continue to develop sport-specific equipment for Para Powerlifting and will extend the partnership to education programs supported by World Para Powerlifting. “This agreement represents a historic moment for Para Powerlifting as it will allow us to intensify our collaboration with an important partner in the development of our sport,” Jorge Moreno, director of World Para Powerlifting, said in the press release. “I want to thank the IMF for its support, because I am confident that together we will strengthen the world.” We are proud and excited to be @parapowerlifting partner! Watch here the e-signing ceremony of the statement of intent. #iwf #partners #worldparapowerlifting The partnership will allow BarBend to see news, analysis, entertainment and opinions on para-powerlifting via its social networks. World Para Powerlifting announced on Monday (January 21st) a new five-year partnership agreement with Eleiko to provide equipment for all world and regional championships until 2024.

🔊💬 tender for the Young/Junior and Age Classes in Classic and the bank pressures equipped! tenders for the Austrian RAW and EQ banking pressure championships are now online.

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