Psl Agreement

Unless otherwise agreed, separate sales contracts will be concluded for PSLs and all associated tickets and car parks. 3.3 Accurate information: You can only provide accurate and complete information for each transaction made via the website. You must not provide information to PSL Source or list false, inaccurate, misleading, fraudulent, obscene or defamatory information on the site. You must provide PSL Source immediately all necessary information on the website or at the request of PSL Source. You will immediately delete, correct or change any information that becomes incorrect, incomplete or misleading, and we may, at our sole discretion, remove this information from the site b) Associated Tickets and parking charges: If tickets and/or parking cards are associated with the psL transfer, no commission will be levied on the total value of the ticket and/or park. In 2019, U.S. District Judge Stan Kroenke and the Los Angeles Rams ordered a partial refund to the former St. Louis Rams` personal licensees,[9] under the terms of a June 2019 deal. In 1995, the Los Angeles Rams moved from Los Angeles to St. Louis [10] and granted personal seating licenses. Final sale price of the PSL: Means the total sale price of the PSL negotiated between the buyer and the seller via the site interface. The final psL sale price does not include the cost of a season or individual ticket, parking cards, PSL transfer fee, sales or other consideration.

Transfer period: refers to the time of year during which the team processes PSL transfers and thus allows the closing of transactions. Transfer periods are explained in more detail in Section 4.12 of this usage agreement. 4.18 Buy Now Offer: PSL Source can, at its sole discretion, activate a “Buy Now” feature on any PSL offer. The Buy Now feature allows a PSL buyer to submit a full price offer for a PSL offer, which is then automatically accepted by the seller. Buy now offers are mandatory for the buyer, but require an email confirmation of the seller`s acceptance of the terms of sale. The seller can cancel a Buy Now offer without penalty before providing PSL Source with an electronic confirmation of the acceptance of the terms of sale. 2.4 Website Interruption: PSL Source does not guarantee continuous, continuous or secure access to the site. 4.5 Mandatory Ticket Agreement: After compulsory acceptance, the buyer and seller agree on the terms of sale of individual game tickets or parking tickets related to the sale of PSLs. I am not trying to say that there is no point in having a PSL. Better quality of service – recruiters, with whom you work regularly, understand the values and culture of your organization and find candidates likely to match d) Counter-offer – at this point, the seller presents a firm counter-offer to the buyer. As soon as the seller makes a counter-offer to the buyer, the buyer`s initial offer is no longer binding. This counter-offer is submitted to the buyer and the buyer can accept, refuse, ignore or counter.

Counter-offers are then exchanged until an offer is accepted, rejected or ignored, ending the negotiation.

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