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Section 3 – The Role of the JIB in Mediation, Conciliation and Litigation If you wish to leave your comment, please register or register. For more information, please see the JIB manual available online The JIB Manual is the definitive guide to employment issues for JIB members and their employees. It contains guidelines on issues relating to national labour regulations, classification definitions, training programmes for industry, the JIB benefit system and more detailed information on labour law and labour practice. The changes to the JIB rules, which come into effect on Monday, January 7, 2019, are as follows: participants can also download an electronic version of the NWRA via the “Members” section of this site. The NWRA is a comprehensive set of employment conditions adopted by all companies participating in JIB-SMES. The NWRA contains a clear definition of the concepts for employers, workers and apprentices, which cover all key aspects of employment in the sanitation and mechanical engineering sector. . Employers participating in the JIB-PMES who acquire holiday credits or social benefits and comply with the national labour regulatory agreement “as a whole” are also allowed to pay certain allowances to employees without taxes or social security contributions. For a printed copy of the JIB manual, please contact Accounting on 01322 661617 The National Working Rule Agreement will be made available free of charge to all participating JIB-SMES companies.

Copies of the NWRA can also be obtained from non-participating companies and individuals. Under these conditions, a $15 tax must be paid. If you want to buy a copy of the NWRA, click on the following link that leads you to our online payment site: Online Payment Page Show payment site You can download the entire manual below or just check out the appropriate section you need: One of the main functions of JIB-SMES is the role it plays as the guardian of the National Rule Working Agreement (NWRA) in the field of mechanical engineering ( SMES). The NWRA negotiated and agreed between the members of the JIB-SMES Executive Committee, which represent both employers` organizations (APHC and NFB) and activists (Unite the Union). Accommodation allowance is $41.70 per night from January 6, 2020, with a maximum of $13.72 per night ($96.04 per week). The weekend`s retention rate is $41.70 per night. The industry finding agreed in 2016 set the rates of pay which, from 2017, will apply over a four-year period, in accordance with national labour rules.

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