Apex Mrt Agreement

If you are firmly convinced that there is no valid reason for you to come to work that day and that your employer can maintain essential services without you, you can in advance send an email to your employer with your reasons and cc in mrt@apex.org.nz. Nearly 1,100 medical imaging technicians (MIT) employed by DHB throughout New Zealand will strike on Monday, September 30 at 0700 hours for 24 hours and will vote on Wednesday 2 October on a second 24-hour strike, after nine months of negotiations on the labour agreements. “Great progress was made on the way to an agreement, until the DHBs abruptly reversed course in June and withdrew all the agreements they had reached up to that time and negotiations resumed in depth. Unfortunately, the negotiations have not gone well since then.┬áIf the total number of hours worked on weekends is more than 14, you are entitled to the following Monday as a paid day off. In order to facilitate staffing, this day can be postponed to Tuesday after the weekend, by appointment. The usual working hours are 80 per fourteen days and no more than 8 hours per day. Except that, by mutual agreement, employers and employees can work up to 10 hours a day. Such an agreement must be recorded in writing and involve prior consultation with APEX. A worker is entitled to 2 consecutive 2 days off for 14 days or, by mutual agreement, 3 consecutive days off (including one weekend) and another day off for the 14 days.

APEX Psychologists MECA From March 1, 2019 to March 1, 2021 You are entitled to a one-time allowance of $11 per week. While you`re on parental leave, you`re not working, so your “average” decreases. Even if you still have annual leave during parental leave, the leave you take for the first 12 months after you return from parental leave can be paid at a lower rate. If it is usually a working day for you, you can take the day as a holiday. If you have to work on a deferred day off, you will receive additional benefits and allowances. In this case, contact us for advice. . ETU E Tu Union (formerly Service – Food Workers Union, SFWU) From an employment perspective, parental leave is unpaid leave (not sick leave).

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