Ibew Local 11 Sound And Communication Agreement

In drahteman…. only within learning, which is worth getting involved in. And stay at 11 locals… they will always have more work than 441. Unless you work cemetery at Disneyland pull the Smurf tube through Pirates of the Caribbean…. 441 will not have much to offer in the long run. LA is predominantly democratic. The OC is always a republican high place when it comes to work. 1). My main concern is that there is not enough work. How long does it take, on average, to get the middle position between jobs? 2). What does an average salary for a One-year Sounds and Communication employee look like? I wanted to change careers and I have a few questions.

If you could help me as best you can, that would be very appreciated. 3). If I wanted to make the move an inner lead man, what should I do to achieve it? I would greatly appreciate every manual or help the guys can offer thank you. If you are an apprentice for s`c or are looking to apply and have questions.

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