Iowa Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement

The original title is filled by the seller and buyer. In Iowa, it`s on the back of the title. Read carefully before completing the sale of the stock. Changes or deletions will extinguish the title. The title must be transferred within thirty days from the date of sale to avoid any penalty. The seller`s name and signature must be identical to the seller`s name as displayed on the front of the title. If the vehicle has an iowa title and two owners are listed with the word “AND” to the right of their name, both owners must sign the back of the title. If the vehicle has an iowa title and the word “OR” appears on the right next to its name, any owner can sign as a seller. Each state has different signature requirements depending on the conjunction between the names. Call our office if the vehicle has a status title. (515) 993-5812 County Treasurer Pat Wright has announced that, effective January 1, 2020, the Cerro Gordo County Treasurer`s Office will require customers to submit a sales invoice when transferring securities to motor vehicles between private parties. A sales or sale contract is already required for vehicles purchased from a dealership. This form should be completed and signed by the buyer and seller.

A sales contract or sales invoice is required for all vehicles and trailers purchased from a dealership or retail store. The Iowa Vehicle Bill of Sale is a legal document that proves that a legal transaction to sell and purchase vehicles has been completed. This form provides the seller`s information, vehicle information and proves a change of ownership and possession. Odometer Disclosure Statement (form 411077) – Necessary for the purchase and registration of a vehicle. The Iowa State County Treasurer`s Association (ISCTA), in collaboration with the Iowa Department of Revenue (IDR), intends to issue vehicle purchase prices that directly affect royalties paid to the Iowa Road Use Tax Fund. To transfer a vehicle in your name, you need an Iowa driver`s license, a photo ID issued by Iowa or a Social Security number. If you do not have an Iowa driver`s license, you must present your original Social Security card at the time of the transfer. If the vehicle is 10 years or more old, the value of the kilometre counter on the back of the Iowa BY THE SELLER title must be completed without a tenth. The above requirements do not cover specific circumstances that occur frequently, such as zutz vehicles, trusts, gifts, proxy use, post-death transfers and many other situations.

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