Sneaker Consignment Agreement

Sole Seekers` priority is to provide the best broadcasting experience by making the most of your products through our services and marketing efforts. 1. The sending rate is divided by 85/15. 85% of the sale goes to the recipient. C) Contract expiry: If, for some reason, you no longer want to look for a shipment. A 15% penalty is levied and must be paid in advance to violate all contractual conditions. As a result, the business falls into disrepair and forwards your items to the exclusive owner. Remove them at all features at pickup time. If, for some reason, you are not able to collect your items in business. You must inform the company in advance by granting permission to a spouse, legal guardian, family or friend to confirm these objects. We check all the people. No questions asked.

For the security of the insurance of your property is/are under specific conditions, has been returned and in the possession of the rightful owner. If your delivery time expires without sale, the sender must contact HIDDEN SOLE within 14 days to be recovered or to extend a new shipping time. Packages that have not been recovered after the expiry of their 30-day contract and the adoption of the additional 14-day period may become the property of HIDDEN SOLE. Our used sector has a rapid fluctuation rate for shippers and more advantageous prices for customers. Load the .pdf and Excel recorder agreement with the two links at the top, then follow the instructions: Please put the COLOR article in the article`s name. Name items exactly as stockx has them to keep consistency with our name convention. Example:Supreme Split Crewneck Sweatshirt BlackCategories are: brand, clothing or sneakers or accessories, your name, example of sending: Nike, Sneakers, Jordan 1, Joe Storm, ConsignmentThank You for Your business! Our purchase program is a great solution for your stress-free sneakers. Unlike the show, you don`t have to wait for your sneakers to be sold first. We will do our best to offer fair and competitive prices. We accept all kinds of sneakers. If it`s a shoe you can sell, you`ll buy it. H) Purchase of our services: If you live in the state of Iowa or if you do not reside in the state of Iowa and would like to participate in our shipping services.

Please send us an email or message to continue to purchase our services. We then provide the sender with a consent form for the registration of your items and provide you with a free shipping label as a gift for trust in our services. This service is only available for the bottom 48 states. Hawaii and Alaska are excluded. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. I, the sender, have read and agree with the terms and conditions of this treaty. I understand that HIDDEN SOLE has the right to refuse sending items that it does not consider to be THE HIDDEN SOLE standards, for whatever reason, including those not included in this document. The creation of sneaker shipping stores stems from the basic principles of supply and demand.

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