2014 Green River Conference Agenda

1:30   Open Conference, Commendation of Sponsors and Introduction of Key-Note Speaker
By:  James U. Jensen

1:35  Key Note Address:  (25 minute presentation)
By:  Keyvan Esfarjani
“Crossing the Chasm –How to win in a Joint Venture.”  Keyvan will offer comments on advantages and limitations of shared leadership and other governance lessons from leading a joint venture among owners with differing, interests, needs, styles and cultures.

2:05  Session 1:   (25 minute presentation)
Who’s In Charge Here?  The optimum roles of Founder, CEO,
CFO, Shareholder(s), VC, GC, Chair and Board.
By:  James U. Jensen
This Presenter will discuss harmonies and dis-harmonies in the contributions and controls by the various participants in a growing company.  Working-board and Oversight –board will be compared and contrasted.  VC contractual rights will be explored.  Affiliated Director and Independent Director will be compared and contrasted. CEO as Chair and Independent Chair will be compared and contrasted.

2:35   Session 2:   (30 minute panel)
Growth Management:  How to Find, Engage and Change Leaders, Workers, Professionals and other Team Members
By:  Panel- Bryan Ritchie, Todd Stevens and Leah Bennion
This Panel will discuss how a growing business can find, compensate and document high-powered part-time management.  This panel will: (i) Explore big-gun management vs. growth-opportunity individual; (ii) Address implications of moving a founder from the CEO to CTO position; (ii) Compare and contrast relationships of Employee, Consultant and Professional; (iii) Explore finance and fiduciary implications in the dynamic work environment; (iv) High-light potential conflicts from non-allocated time; and (v) Share insights about implications of differing time-horizons for different folks.

3:20   Session 3:   (20 minute presentation)
Ten Rules of Financial Success for the Virtual Company
By:  Kent Thomas
This presenter will discuss the role of budgeting, forecasting and financial statements in the growing company.  He will present 10 rules for information creation and sharing.

3:45   Session 4:   (30 minute panel)
Equity Allocation and Compensation
By: Panel—Tom Gardner, Daniel Thurber and Dana Ono
This panel will discuss equity allocation among founders, directors, outsiders and hired help.  The Panel will:  (i) Address short-term and long-term incentives; (ii) Compare and contrast compensation issues including cash vs. equity; vesting; deferred compensation; paid with equity and royalties; (iii) Discuss implications of preferred stock for common stock players; and (iv) Consider implications of buy-backs and accrued but unpaid compensation.

4:20  Closing Remarks (with Completion Certificates)
By:  Bryan Ritchie

**2 Utah Bar CLE Credits available

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